Acne Wont Go Away by Itself

Do you ever find yourself wishing your acne would just go away! We wish for a lot of things that just never seem to happen. I wish I were independently wealthy. I wish I could lose some weight. I wish I had a better job. These are common refrains that end in frustration for many.

Well, as far as acne goes unfortunately it just does not go away by itself, no matter how hard you wish. In the case of acne care treatment, like most things in life, you have to be proactive. Whether it's eating a healthy diet with lots of fruit and vegetables, staying away from junky sugary foods, drinking lots of alkaline water, exercising or using a quality skin care product line? you have to be doing something. Of course you know these things are important but are they enough to battle this stubborn condition? To a degree yes, but what more can you do? Believe it or not the answer may be light. Recent discoveries in the area of phototherapy have been applied to the problem of acne skin care with astonishing results.

Photo or light therapy has been growing in popularity for various skin care issues and it has been found to be very effective in restoring skin to a more youthful state. Those using light therapy with acne have seen some great results even though the particular devices used were not specifically made to handle acne. They worked because they strengthened the underlying integrity of the skin. Now however, there are LED based devices that utilize the latest discoveries in this field and have been able to target acne blemishes by incorporating a very particular kind of light. As far as acne treatment products go, the right type of light is essential.

This particular light is in the blue area of the light spectrum. These blue lights are lethal to acne causing bacteria. Once these bacteria are addressed the body no longer has to produce an immune response (red bumps) in the skin, allowing it to heal. To long time acne sufferers this is an absolute miracle since most have tried every lotion and potion to no avail. This new acne skin care treatment shows great promise and gives hope to millions.

So what do you have to do to take care of your acne? The answer may be simply? light.

Dr. Stanley Stanbridge is a graduate of the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. He has always been actively seeking out new and innovative technologies related to the field of alternative healthcare. He began investigating the benefits of light therapy in 2003 and went on to co-develop the revolutionary LightStim photo rejuvenation device. For more information please visit

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