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10 Foolproof Formal Dresses For Your Fanciest...

Which formal dress will look best for your special occasion? Browse our 10 favorite styles -- including a halter dress -- that work for most body types now.

Flattering Cocktail Dresses

These flattering cocktail dresses are perfect for after-five occasions.

Find Your Size: U.S. Women's Apparel Size Charts

Use this guide to find your fit and size with a variety of women's apparel size charts including juniors, misses, petites, plus sizes and more.

How to Hide a Muffin Top

A muffin top can be a problem for anyone—but it's easy to solve. These are our best tips to flatter your figure with smart fashion tricks.

13 Ways to Wear a Cardigan Sweater

A cardigan sweater is one of those staples every woman has in their wardrobe. This fashion workhouse can be styled from preppy to edgy, with the right accessories. See our favorite ways to wear a cardigan sweater right now.

Learn the Definition of a Mermaid-Style Evening...

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Top 10 "How to" Fashion Tips for Tall Women

Learn how to develop your own style as a tall woman by adhering to these tall women fashion tips.

For Men: How To Use Body Measurements To Find...

Use this article to help you measure and find out your men's sizes for clothing and accessories.

How to Wear a Scarf

Let these street style images help you discover how to wear a scarf in creative ways and what to wear with a scarf throughout the year.

5 Stylish and Affordable Cocktail Dresses For...

Shop for a stylish, versatile budget cocktail dress from retailers like Zara, Topshop and Mango.

Fashion Tips For Tall Women: How To Wear Ankle...

Wearing ankle pants isn't always easy for tall women. Learn how to put together cute outfits using ankle pants to flatter your figure.

10 Flattering Colors to Wear More Often

Add more flattering color to your wardrobe like pink.

What to Wear... Anywhere!

Let this article serve as your ultimate guide for what to wear for every occasion!

Best Shorts for Your Body Type

Shorts are a summer essential, but not always easy to wear. Use this guide to find the best shorts for your body type.

8 Fresh Ways to Wear Olive Green

Get inspiration for how to wear olive green this season.

Michelle Obama's Favorite Designers

Find out about First Lady Michelle Obama's favorite fashion designers, including the avante-garde Isabel Toledo and newcomer Jason Wu.

Find your brand

We'll show you how to find your favorite brand of clothing the easy way by going straight to the apparel manufacturer.

Here's How To Find Long Athletic Pants For Tall...

Use our shopable guide to find long athletic pants that are meant for tall women.

How to Minimize The Dreaded... Cankle

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Summer Essential: Our 10 Favorite Pairs of City...

Shop for the 10 best pairs of city sandals with block heels to buy this summer, at every price. (We've got tips on how to wear them, too!)

Haute Hollywood wedding

Actors Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston celebrate their nuptials in haute style

Spring Trend Report: Are Cropped Flare Jeans...

Cropped flare jeans just might be the next weird fashion trend to go mainstream. Shop the look in time for spring 2016.

8 Ways to Look Better Using Fashion Tips

Why go to the trouble of surgery or extreme exercise to look better? Use these 8 fashion tips to look skinnier, look younger and much more.

10 Ways to Wear Bright Colors

Replace your little black dress with a bright color.

10 Fresh Ways to Wear a Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt is one of the longest-running silhouettes in fashion. With a good reason: it's a flattering look -- when worn right -- on just about every figure.

Formal Dress Codes Explained

What to wear to a party, including definitions for black tie, formal dress and more!

Before You Buy a Handbag, Read This

Curious about how to buy a handbag or purse without experiencing buyer's remorse? Read this first.

5 (Free!) Ways to Create New Outfits

Try these easy ideas for mixing up your wardrobe to create new looks for free.

How To Dress For Work & Still Look Stylish

Use this guide to figure out what to wear to work when you want to express your personal style at the same time.

Golden Rule of Fashion: It's All About Endings

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Tall Women Body Types: Dressing the Athletic...

Learn how to dress the tall women's athletic figure for maximum hourglass impact.

10 Style Errors That Make You Look Older

None of us want to look older, so here are some quick tips to keep your style from airing on the side of aging.

Little Black Dresses for Every Body Type

Find a perfect little black dress that's right for your bottom-heavy figure.

Trend Test

In this month's Trend Test get the scoop on the fashion trend toward big handbags.

10 Best Fashion Apps for iPhone

Get style on your iPhone with the Top 10 fashion apps.

Tall Women Body Types: Dressing the Pear-Shaped...

Don't miss our quick guide to choosing the right clothes and dressing well when you're a pear-shaped woman who happens to be tall.

Tall Fashion How Tos: Posing For Photos With A...

Tall women posing with short men can look a little awkward; use these tips to learn how to pose for pictures with a shorter man.

Layer Up: 11 Fresh Ways To Wear A Vest

The easiest way to make any outfit more interesting is to layer on a vest. Here's how to do it right.

How to Look Your Best in Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are one of the season's hottest looks. Find out how to wear ankle boots the right way with tights, jeans and dresses.

10 Fall Trends You'll Love to Wear

Leather is perfect for cooler weather and this season there is everything from leather dresses to leather jackets to choose from.

Choose the Right Bag for Your Body

Are you schlepping around a huge bag? Do you admire how other women's bags seem to compliment, not clash, with their style? Find out how to choose the right handbag for your body.

Tall Fashion Designers

There are a number of tall fashion designers that tall women should be familiar with when shopping for tall women's fashion.

How To Pick The Right Dress To Wear To A Wedding

Our guide for choosing the best dresses to wear to a wedding for any dress code or time of day.

Tall Women Sizing: Understanding the Inseam

Every tall woman should know what her inseam length is and how to measure for it. Here's how to find yours and look your best.

How To Master Laid-Back Style and Casual Outfits

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10 Ways to Look Slimmer Instantly

Wondering how you can look slimmer instantly without dieting? Try these 10 easy fashion tips like wearing heels and framing your face with jewelry.

Let's Discuss: Is a Capsule Wardrobe Realistic...

Let's discuss whether a capsule wardrobe is actually realistic for most women. I am not sure if it is...

What is an Empire Waist Dress?

Find a definition and photo example of the perennially favorite dress silhouette, the empire waist.

What to wear on the first day of school

Teen fashion alert! Find out what to wear on the first day of school, from About's teen fashion expert.

Different Types of Sleeves, Explaind

Do you know your lantern sleeve from your balloon sleeve? Right now the sleeve is the design element in fashion. Find out what each new look is called with our picture gallery.

10 Fresh Ways to Wear Your Leather Jacket This...

Looking for a fresh way to wear your leather jacket? See how we remix this piece of iconic outerwear.

U.S. Plus Size Chart

4 Unexpected Color Combinations To Try This...

Try wearing blush and nude or black and hunter green together. These color pairing ideas and more, right this way...

Best Dresses to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Wondering what kind of dress to wear to a summer wedding? Here are our favorite picks for wedding guest dresses.

Style Tips For Guys on What to Wear to Prom

We have style tips for guys on what to wear to prom, from the tuxedo to the shirt, shoes and everything else.

What Sizes Celebrities Really Wear

Ever wonder what size Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez or Christina Hendricks wears? Here's the lowdown on some real celebrity sizes.

The Best One-Piece Swimsuits To Flatter Any...

Need a swimwear update this year? We found ten one-piece swimsuits to flatter any figure, from leg-lengthening magic to shoulder-centric strapless options.

Michael Kors Shirt Dress

photo gallery of spring dress trends

10 Tragic Fashion Deaths in History

Murder, suicide and untimely deaths all play a part in the fashion world. Read more about the shocking deaths of Gianni Versace, Ossie Clark.

Hitting the Sheets: Intimate Apparel for Tall...

Check out these five intimate apparel brands that offer exceptional lingerie options in tough-to-find sizes and specialties.

Use These 5 Easy Tips to Look Taller, Instantly!

Learn how to look taller and leaner and feel better in your clothes with these five helpful tips our expert swears by.

How to Dress Fashionably Over 40

Women over 40 can be just as sexy and vital looking as their younger counterparts. Find out what style expert Kim Johnson Gross has to say that keep your shoes, hair, clothes and makeup looking fresh and pretty.

Designer Profile: Calvin Klein

Learn more about one of America's leading fashion designers, the visionary behind his namesake label, Calvin Klein.

The Best Jeans for Tall Women

Tall women have a hard time finding jeans that are long enough. These are the best fitting pairs of jeans that will fit a tall woman.

10 Gorgeous Wrap Dresses You Need For Summer

Wrap dresses are universally flattering and perfect for summer—here are our favorites.

9 Pairs of Denim Shorts To Flatter Any Figure

It's high summer which means it's officially denim shorts season—here's how to find the right pair for your figure.

Why You Shouldn't Buy a Fake Designer Handbag...

10 Dresses Under \$200 That Are Perfect For A...

Shop our 10 favorite affordable dresses that are perfect for wearing to a spring wedding.

What To Wear To Your Class Reunion

Wondering what to wear to your class reunion this year? Don't miss our helpful guide.

Our Best Tips For What To Wear With Purple

Get our best tips and advice for how to wear purple and what to wear with purple.

4 Tips for Wearing Your Jeans Tucked Into Your...

Our best tips for how to tuck jeans in boots and look stylish.

Heading to a Wedding? Here's What to Wear

Find out what to wear to a wedding when you've been invited, from Black Tie invites to weddings where the invitation doesn't give you any clues what type of dress or suit to wear.

How to Wear a Hat

You've seen celebrities looks great in hats, now you'd like to copy that look for yourself. We'll show you how to pull off hats the right way.

Shop Our Ten Favorite Mini Bags of the Year

Shop our ten favorite mini crossbody handbags of the year.

How Do We Define "Fashion" and the Fashion...

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These Stylish Celebrities Are All Over 40 Years...

These 10 executives, editors and actresses are style icons for women over 40, proving that good taste is truly timeless.

10 Fall Fashion Classics You Need

The fitted jacket is a fall classic and one that looks great on all women.

How Not to Look Fat in White

White pants are great for summer, as long as you know these tricks for not looking fat in white pants.

9 Ways to Wear Brightly Colored Pants

Kate Middleton wears the color of the year -- tangerine -- in a pair of colored skinny jeans. Get more ideas for how to pull off brightly colored pants.

What is an A-Line Dress?

The A-line dress is one of fashion's most enduring and flattering styles. Learn about its history and get figure-flattering tips.

Do You Need a New Look?

Do You Need a New Look? Take this fun quiz and see if your look could use an update. Choose just one

How to Wear Pink Like A Modern Fashionista

It's not just for little girls! Here are 10 chic ways to wear pink like a modern, stylish woman.

Why Celebrities Wear See-Through Clothes

It's one thing when starlets visibly parade their goods down the red carpet for media coverage. But it's different when the likes of Barbra Streisand and Uma Thurman feel the same need to bare all through sheer clothes. Why do these seemingly smart, successful women feel the need to wear see-through clothes for the world?

How to Wear Animal Prints After 40

Animal prints work great over 40 if you know how to wear them the right way.

How to Dress an Apple-Shaped Figure

Learn how to dress for your apple-shaped figure with ideas to create the illusion of a balanced figure.

What To Wear To A Summer Wedding

It's wedding season! Don't miss our guide to summer wedding attire for women.

What to Wear on Any Date

Here's what to wear on a date—from block heel sandals to slip dresses and personal jewelry, these are the ten essential pieces to have in your closet.

Here's How To Embrace The Western Trend This Year

The Western trend is more than just cowboy hats and boots: For women it's a mix of feminine styles with masculine influences that is distinctly American.

8 Ways to Flatter a Bottom-Heavy Figure

Learn how to dress for a bottom-heavy figure. Use these eight style tricks to flatter your figure and play up your assets so you can strut your stuff.

Top 10 Easy Ways to Update Your Fall Wardrobe

No need to buy complete, head-to-toe ensembles to look like you have a fashion clue. Any one of these 10 easy pieces will make you look instantly updated.

What We Wear to Work: Office Style At Every Level

Find out how your office dress code stacks up compared to other workplaces and learn the basics of a successful work-ready wardrobe.

How to Wear a Maxi Dress

Find out which shoes look good with a maxi dress for a casual look.

10 Fab Celebrities Over 50

Madonna has a sexy, soft style and a great way with fashion over 50. Get her fab look for yourself.

Hot or Not?

If you're wondering whether that low-waisted pair of pants you bought last year look a little too last year, we'll help you decide when a trend has died.

Are Those \$100 Shoes Really "Designer?"

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What to Wear in Disney World in Orlando, Florida

Planning a trip to the magic kingdom? Here are our best outfit ideas for a family vacation to Disney World.

Trend Report: The 5 Pieces You Need For Fall

It's that time of year again—read about the biggest fashion trends for Fall 2016 and shop our favorite picks.

What To Wear With Bermuda Shorts: 5 Ideas To...

Our guide for what to wear with bermuda shorts shows you five stylish ways to rock this fun warm weather staple.

24 Style Tips for Women Over 50

Fashion over 50 means that while your body may have changed, the rules haven't. Wear what looks good on you and have fun, Here are 24 do's and don'ts.

What is Boho? Here's How To Wear This Trend In...

Question: What is Boho? Answer: Boho is short for bohemian, and typifies a style of dress inspired by

Check Out All Our Best Cocktail Attire Info,...

Cocktail dress attire is one of the most popular formalities for a party. Find out what to wear for a cocktail party.

U.S. Misses Size Chart

How To Master Laid-Back Style With 5 Essential...

These five key pieces are the secret to mastering a laid back look that is also stylish.

U.S. Junior Size Chart

Tall Women's Style: What We Wear Better

New York and Milan design fashion for tall women's frames. Trends are born on the runway and modeled on tall women, and many of these styles look best on a tall woman's frame. Check out styles that look better on a tall woman than on other, shorter frames.

Should You Wear Shorter Heels if You're Dating...

If you're a tall woman dating a shorter man, should you wear shorter heels or wear your favorite pair with confidence? Let's discuss.

Find Your Dream Dress

Find your perfect dress in six easy steps, including deciding which style is for you, choosing a length and accessorizing.

Here's how to wear a camisole in a stylish way

Lacy lingerie-type camisoles are the hottest tops for summer. Find out how to wear this pretty women's fashion trend now and any time of year.

5 Holiday Fashion Mistakes

Are you dressed up shinier than a Christmas tree? The problem may be that your holiday wardrobe may be a bit heavy on the glitz. Learn how to avoid common holiday fashion mistakes and look your prettiest this year.

10 Fashion Tips You Need to Know

Learn to use the rules of fashion and style to look your very best. Not only are they easy, they are quick to learn and don't require a big budget to carry them off.

The Best Austin Powers Fashion Moments

Let's look back at the best Austin Powers fashion moments from all three of the iconic (and hilarious) films starring Mike Myers.

10 Secrets Of Timeless Style That Work At Any Age

Looking for a wardrobe built on classic, timeless looks? These are our best tips.

Tall Women's Shopping Resources

If you're looking for a one-stop shop when it comes to finding tall women's shopping resources, look no further! This list will provide you with the best stores for tall women's clothes, tall women's maternity, tall women's jeans, tall women's athletic wear and more.

Design byte

Find more information about fashion's flashiest diva, fashion designer Donatella Versace, in this profile.

5 Fashion Rules You Should Break

Outdated fashion rules can keep you from looking your best. Find out which fashion rules you should break.

Every Woman Should Own These 5 Little Black...

Whether you're heading off to a class reunion, leading an important meeting at work or swinging your hips at a wedding, the little black dress is a no-fail option.

The Real Reason Your Clothes Don't Fit RIght

Ordering clothes online but you aren't sure of your exact size? Find out how to take your measurements to get perfect fit. Page 3.

Top 5 Things a Grown Woman Should Never Wear

Fashion may be ageless now, but that doesn't mean there aren't limits. Find out which items a grown woman should never wear.

8 Ways to Change Your Look

Change your look with these easy-to-follow steps.

What Does 'Cocktail Attire' Mean and When is it...

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How to Dress Sexy (Without Looking Like a Cougar)

You can dress sexy after 40 without looking like a cougar.

Designer Pronunciation Guide: How To Say...

Use this designer pronunciation guide to find out how to say the names of your favorite fashion brands.

Are You Too Old for Skinny Jeans?

Think you're too old or heavy to carry off skinny jeans or leggings. Find out how to do it the right way.

10 Styling Tips for Tall Women

Wow your admirers by following these fashion tips designed for tall women. Tall women can capitalize on their height when dressing and styling for their bodies, so take advantage of your height with styling tips for tall women.

How To Wear You Over-the-Knee Boots This Winter

We have five tips for how to wear over the knee boots this winter while staying warm and looking stylish.

Develop Trend-Proof Style

Are you tired of buying something only to have it go out of style in a few months? Find out how to invest wisely in a wardrobe that always looks current and modern.

Tips For Dressing the Top-Heavy Figure

Need tips for how to flatter a top-heavy figure? We can help you with choosing fashion looks that compliment a full bust.

14 Ways to Wear Your Little Black Dress

Wear your little black dress, with head-to-toe black like Sarah Jessica Parker.

10 Fun Ways To Wear Shorts This Spring

Let us show you how to create a dressy shorts outfit that is fresh, modern and flattering.

Easy Styling Tricks To Instantly Look Taller...

Practical styling tips and tricks to help you look and feel taller and thinner in your clothes. From high heels to vertical lines—it's easier than you think!

U.S. Petite Size Chart

How To Wear This Summer's Hottest Trends At Any...

From off-the-shoulder tops to wide-leg pants, we have 5 summer outfit ideas to try this season, no matter your age.

Learn the Definition of a Sheath Dress

Short and sexy or long and lean, the sheath dress is a favorite for showing off a great figure. Learn the definition of a sheath plus style tips.

Who are the Tallest Female Celebrities?

Have you ever wondered how you measure up? Here's a comprehensive list of tall women celebrities including Uma Thurman, Heidi Klum and more.