African Styles of Music

African Styles of MusicApala
Yoruba style of talking drum percussion from Nigeria.

Yoruba word meaning "life force", used to describe the Bahian style of Brazilian pop music popular in that country.

Originating from the Luo people of from Western Kenya, this style is widely popular throughout the country.

Popular style of music from the Shona people of Zimbabwe. Also called mbira-based music, one of the best examples of this sound is the music of

Morrocan music of people descended from the slaves brought from Mali in the 16th century. This music features the stringed instruments sintir or gimbri, singing in unison, and hand clapping. Most often played at healing ceremonies.

Generic term for a West African oral historian-cum-minstrel; a storyteller.

Dance music from Ghana and Eastern Nigeria, originating from the popular kpanlogo rhythm developed in Ghana in the 60's.

Manding word for a West African oral historian-cum-minstrel; a storyteller.

Hard, fast percussive Zimbabwean dance music, influenced by mbira-based guitar styles.

Generic South African term for popular music.

I.K. Dairo was credited with being the first modern Juju star. This popular style from Nigeria relies on the traditional Yoruba rhythms, but instead of being played on all precussive instruments as tradition demands the instruments in Juju are more Western in origin. Drum kit, guitars, keyboards, often pedal steel guitar and some times accordian (squeeze box) are used along with the traditional dun-dun (talking drum, or