Beautiful Tips for Makeup Removal

Make up removers are very important for the skin to keep it clean and away from the after affects of the make up. If make up isn't removed after the use then it enters into the pores and the chemicals in the make up can damage the skin. So one should always make it a point to remove the make up from the skin while going to bed and let the skin breathe. Facial make up as foundation and lipsticks can be easily removed with water based make up cleansers but eye make up as liners, kohl and mascara needs something extra.

They require more of oil in the remover solution to remove the stubborn eye make up. Eye makeup remover will make washing the products off your face at the end of the day a hassle-free experience. If you are in the habit of using soap, you may find that not only is soap drying, it also usually requires scrubbing and multiple washes, which can irritate the skin.

Baby shampoo is an excellent way to remove mascara that is resistant to other kinds of removers. Waterproof mascara can be one of the most difficult mascaras to remove as it is designed for staying power and a little bit of baby shampoo applied to a cotton ball or your finger tips should do the tricky nicely. Baby shampoos contain lower concentrations and softer detergents than other shampoos which makes them less irritating to the eye area.

Baby shampoo can also be used to remove makeup on the face but use a very small amount as too much can be drying to the skin. Best alternativefor oily and all sin types:if you don't wana use any oil on your face for removing make up,best way is to dip cotton balls in raw milk and just wipe your face with it. It is the cheapest way of removing makeup. Mineral oil is best for remoing make up.

it is even cheaper than baby oil.since,babay oil is nothing more than mineral oil with fragrence and both give same results. Always use a mild makeup remover. Nothing harsh or drying to the skin- and never use makeup remover that is specifically for your eyes on other parts of your face. This is particularly important if you suffer from oily skin as this can lead to break outs.

Pay attention to what the label says as it specifies these things for a reason! To remove makeup naturally without clogging pores and moisturize skin at the same time, use unrefined pure oils like jojoba, wheat germ or rose hip oil. Massage it directly into your skin or wipe skin with a cotton pad saturated with the oil. Finish by gently wiping skin with a steamy, damp cloth.

Using a dry towel or absorbent pad press on the stain to draw moisture and stain particles out of the surface area. Continue this pattern using an alternating combination of saturation and pressure until the stain is removed. If the stain still remains you may want to try flushing the area with water and adding a few drops of ammonia. This will further help to draw out the stain.

Cover it with a towel or absorbent pad and allow it to absorb the stain.

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