Carhartt clothing

Carhartt clothing was founded in the year 1889 and is one of the oldest family owned clothing companies in the US. Founded by Hamilton Carhartt. The Carhartt clothing company is headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan.

History of Carhartt clothing Carhartt clothing was originally founded to make work clothing for railroad workers and was so popular that Carhartt clothing's initial growth was fuelled primarily by the 'rail road clothing'. Carhartt clothing soon established a name for itself when it came to durable and rugged clothing, and expanded its line for other work clothing. Over a period of time, Carhartt's work clothing was famous for its heavy duty riveting, extra strong threads and high quality materials.

Carhartt clothing was one of the few clothing companies in the world to introduce flame retardant work clothing and with time developed into a full blown work clothing organization. Carhartt clothing was soon being used by construction workers, farm workers and in ranches all across the US and was well known for its 'Made in America' heritage and was one of the last companies in the US to outsource its clothing lines. Carhartt clothing today Carhartt clothing continues to operate unionized cutting, sewing and distribution centers in the United States and Mexico.

In fact, even today Carhartt clothing continues to offer 'Made in USA' work clothing through its retailers. With time, Carhartt clothing has diversified into urban clothing and offers caps, shirts, jackets, jeans and other urban clothing through its retailers. Even though Carhartt clothing's urban wear is manufactured overseas; its clothing line features American made fabrics and components. In 2007, Carhartt clothing announced the launch of its women's clothing line and is expected to continue diversifying into urban clothing.

Carhartt clothing Europe is already producing clothing under license from Carhartt clothing USA, and countries like Japan have welcomed Carhartt clothing with open arms. What is equally true about Carhartt clothing is that its work wear is one of the most advanced in the world, and company continues to produce high quality work clothing for various purposes. Carhartt clothing donated bib overalls to rescue workers during the 9/11 catastrophe and proudly sports the 'Union-Made' tag on its clothing. Carhartt clothing accessories Apart from producing urban wear, Carhartt clothing is rapidly increasing its line and is expected to add a host of quality clothing accessories like belts and caps. Apart from accessories, Carhartt clothing also produces clothing for active sports like skating, skateboarding and BMX.

Leather accessories include belts, wallets and bags. A popular piece of Carhartt clothing is Carhartt beanies that have become immensely popular in European countries like the UK. Today, Carhartt clothing has successfully diversified from a work clothing company to an urban clothing line and is expected to be the market leader in urban clothing in coming years. Fiona Shearer is the co-owner of www.fourstore.

com an exciting supplier Carhartt Clothing and some of the finest in street wear clothing and culture from around the world.

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