Common Drawbacks In Hair Removal Techniques

Hair should stay on the head only, shouldn't it? Most women would love to be hair free on their body and face. The most common way and the easiest way to remove unwanted body hair on certain portions of the body is through shaving. Men who prefer a clean face, for example, shave their face every single day. A high percentage of women of course, regularly shave their legs and their armpits.

Other areas like the bikini areas are also shaved by women to look good in summertime when they are out in their bikinis at the beach. Most regard shaving as an effective way to eliminate unwanted hair. However, it is only temporary as the hair will grow back! And you have to shave it again very soon.

If you are a regular shaver, then you know it can be very inconvenient to have to shave your unwanted body hair four, five or six times a week. To shave properly, you will need to buy shaving accessories like the blades, after shave lotion and moisturizers regularly. Thus shaving away your unwanted hair can become fairly expensive in the long run.

Aside from shaving, waxing is another method that unwanted body hair can be removed. Waxing is a popular hair removal technique used to remove small or large portions of unwanted body hair. Many men and women often use waxing to remove unwanted body hair on their back, legs, arms, face, neck and more even though it may be a painful process. Again waxing like shaving is only a temporary form of hair removal. Waxing can be done by a professional at a beauty salon or at home using home waxing kits that can be purchased.

A home waxing kit allows individuals who are shy to remove their unwanted hair in the privacy of their own home. The main drawback or problem with waxing and shaving is that the hair removal is only temporary. More often than not, there are many people who are back in the shower shaving the very next day or getting another wax job within a week. This happens to people who have fast hair growth rate.

This process is not only expensive, but also very time consuming. Besides, there might be also instances of in-growth hair. If you have this feeling, then it may be about time that you look into more permanent hair removal procedures.

One such procedures is laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is a hair removal procedure that is very popular world-wide. It is considered as a cosmetic surgery.

How it works is by using a special wavelength light to target the pigmented areas of the skin. This light targets the hair follicles that produce hair and damages them enough to where they can no longer produce hair anymore. Why is laser hair removal so popular? One of the reasons is that it can effectively remove unwanted body hair on just about any portion of the body and it is not as painful as alternatives like electrolysis.

Laser hair removal is commonly used to remove unwanted body hair on the arms, underarms, back, legs, bikini area, neck, stomach, and face. If you think that laser hair removal is for you, start by doing some research online and by scheduling a consultation appointment before the procedure begins. During this consultation, you should find out and determine if laser hair removal treatment will permanently eliminate your unwanted hair or if it will only reduce the growth of new hair. Both procedures may be offered and you need to find out the details in advance so that you can determine if permanent hair removal is even possible in your case.

Lesley loves to write about articles on health and beauty. Discover facts and comparisons for the different types of hair removal techniques here.

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