Hair Loss Treatments That Work

Hair loss can affect both men and women, it can be caused by a number of different reasons. It can be caused by genetics, your age, or the presence of high levels of male hormones known as androgens. Loss of hair (or alepecia) can be very upsetting and disturbing for either sex to face, people get so caught up with losing hair that they will try to treat the symptoms rather than the cause. Treating any loss of hair without knowing the cause would be very difficult.

Treatment varies depending on the person and the cause. In males, the normal reasons for hair loss are due to genetics, hormones and aging. If your dad was bald then you will probably be bald. Unfortunately every single male in my family was bald, so do you think I stand a chance of keeping my hair?! In women however the common reasons for hair loss are poor circulation, hormone changes, and a poor diet.

Hormonal changes will occur after the menopause or after having a diet. There are of course numerous other causes for this premature loss of hair, including stress, diabetes, chemicals, hair dyes, poor nutrition and even some diseases and viruses. If you are losing hair because of genes you inherited then there is little you can do about it. If lots of your close relatives suffer from this then chances are it is caused by genetics, and there is nothing medically proven that you can do to stop it except for maybe hair transplant surgery or similar (albeit recent research into various copper peptide molecules holds some promising developments for the near future). Not all hair loss is genetically transmitted, sometimes the children experience it even though the parents do not suffer from it. If this happens then it means there is something else causing this hair loss, such as stress or poor nutrition.

If people experience premature hair loss then this normally indicates that the person possesses some form of agent that contributes to it. High stress, and overworking can create the required agents to cause premature hair loss. Because all of the reasons for the hair loss are different there are different methods to attempt to solve it. It is first necessary to get to the route of the problem, find out exactly why you are losing hair.

If the cause of hair loss is some form of disease then you must treat the disease before treating the symptoms.

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