How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Is It Possible

How to hide stretch marks? Stretch marks are the bind of women, bodybuilders and any person who has suffered from fast weight gain. Those nasty little red lines that fade almost into a become a veritable nightmare when it comes to wearing beach-wear, or nightwear that is even remotely revealing; however, if you know how to take care of yourself, then it really is not so much as a 'how do I hide stretch marks' but more of a, 'I can hide these!'. OK, so you aren't going to be able to remove them completely from sight overnight, but you can definitely reduce how vividly they appear when you're wearing something revealing.

See the bad thing about stretch marks is where they come from. Eating, pregnancy, becoming more muscular.all these are things we enjoy, (although some women might disagree with me when they're hanging off the toilet) yet doing too much of them, or doing them too quickly can leave us with a nasty reminder. Common sense would tell us that we can control a lot of our stretch marks by just limiting our eating and drinking, and eating the right kinds of foods. The less junk we put in our body, the better our chances of fighting these little demons we know as stretch marks. Olive oil, egg whites, vitamin E creams or caplets (broken and rubbed directly onto the skin) daily help as well as other renowned ingredients such as; Shea butter, jojoba and many more.

The key to using these methods successfully though, is not just applying them but rather how, when and how often. Try applying after a shower when the moisture has had a chance to absorb into your skin and apply it naturally, no need for vigorous rubbing in; just gently will do - rinse and repeat. Every time you shower or bathe, apply soon afterwards - once daily is recommended. However, if you are particularly prone to dry skin around your belly area, apply it twice daily. Over time the stretch marks will reduce, and this means they will be much easier to disguise. A very common and probably the most used method of hiding stretch marks, is to apply sunless tanning products to the marks you need to hide.

Yes, you read right, and it does work as a temporary solution. Tanning naturally just will not do it, stretch marks tend to evade the sun's positive effects, and the marks stand out even more! Face powder and foundation is another useful concealing method a lot of women use to try and combat stretch marks temporarily. Anything which contains alpha hydroxy acids (AHA's) is a good product to use on stretch marks while you fight the battle to hide them, AHA's very gently strip the top layer of skin cells allowing new ones to come to the surface - the chances are, if you're eating healthily and applying a good cream to increase the elasticity that a few layers down the good skin is going to arise and be victorious.

The easiest and quickest method for getting rid of stretch marks is still a cream, but choosing the best one is getting extremely difficult. How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks - Solutions That Work has ratings and reviews from hundreds of women on the top stretch mark creams.

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