How We Got Blue Jeans Part

Wearing jeans is so common and popular today, and it is no wonder. Jeans are so durable and trendy. and they don't cost very much.

Everyone enjoys the simplicity and comfort for work, for everyday wear and even for formal events. People are wearing jeans for times at home relaxing, as work clothes, for social occasions and even a night out on the town. Jeans withstand the test of time so you can really wear them just about anywhere. Who Created Blue Jeans? No one person invented jeans. Rather than being created at one point in time, they evolved over 400 years into the form and design we are familiar with today.

Jeans are made of denim which is a durable woven cotton fabric that appeals to most people. There are many reasons: denim has long-lasting durability, it is comfortable, it comes in varying hues, it is versatile and it is not terribly expensive. Denim jeans can be worn for hard physical labor, out to dinner, or any type of activity in between. The name "dungaree" comes from Dongarii Fort, an area on the outskirts of the Indian city of Bombay, where the material was produced and sold.

It was usually dyed with blue indigo dye creating the distinctive blue colour that exists to this day. This distinctive dungaree cloth was first used by sailors on Portuguese sailing ships. They wore it in their travels around the world and introduced it to Europe. By the mid 1600s a similar cloth was being woven in France near the city of Nimes. This popular fabric was called "serge de Nimes.

" The name was shortened to "de Nimes" which was eventually pronounced "denim." That is how we got the name we use today. The term "jeans" came about because denim trousers were manufactured in the Italian port of Genoa, which is pronounced "Genes" in French. The durable pants were first used by sailors in the Genoese navy. Like teenagers of today, these sailors practically lived in their clothes, which made the denim fabric ideal.

The sailors could wear the denim either wet or dry, and it is easy to roll the legs up for swabbing the deck. They could also wash the 'jeans' by putting them in a large net, and dragging them behind the ship. You can't get any better than that!.

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