Just the Basics Creating an Everyday Look by Makeup

Now That We've Established your likes and dislikes, I'm going to show you how to create a basic look for daytime wear. Remember, these are suggestions only - if you can't stand foundation, ignore the bit about foundation; if you hate lip color, ignore the information on lip color. And yes, choose whatever colors you like - the following is about application only. Applying foundation Foundation can be applied with the fingers or with a makeup sponge - or both. Dot liquid foundation on your T-zone and, using your fingers or a makeup sponge, blend the makeup out toward the hair line, cheeks, and jawline. If using a cream or wet-dry foundation, glide a makeup-coated sponge along the T-zone and blend outward.

If your foundation looks heavy or blotchy - regardless of whether it was applied with a finger or a sponge - run a makeup sponge across the skin to soak up any excess product. Concealer can be dotted on skin that's either clean or foundation-prepped. Using a makeup brush or finger, apply a generous coat of concealer to pimples, broken blood vessels, dark spots, scars, under eye circles, dark eyelids, or other skin glitches you'd like to camouflage. Gently tap the area with a clean finger to blend the product and remove excess. Be careful not to rub concealer onto skin - this wipes off makeup and creates a smeared, messy finish.

Contour and highlighters come in cream, gel, stick, liquid, and powder formulas. Keep in mind that if you are using powder contour and highlighters, they go on after face powder. Contour should be dabbed on features you want to diminish, such as the chubby area below cheeks or on a jowly jaw line.

Highlighter should be applied on those areas you'd like to stand out, such as the tops of cheekbones or the brow bones. When using either, dot a small amount on the area, and blend using a makeup sponge. Using face powder Face powder should be used after all cream products. This means that if you use cream blush, contour, highlighter, and/or eye-shadow formulas, these need to be applied before you reach for the face powder. Why? Because it is nearly impossible to get cream products to blend well on top of a powdered surface. This is because face powder creates a barrier between creamy products and powder­based cosmetics, which are often streaky when they are applied, and have a tendency to be absorbed if you put them directly on top of a foundation or a concealer.

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