Lipsense goes Skin Deep

Some people are keen on knowing, how some things work and how these are different from other normal products. One of the leading makers of innovative products in the world of cosmetics SeneGence Cosmetics has produced LIP SENSE which is different from any other products you find in the market. SeneGence's Lip Sense is a permanent lip color that is long lasting for the whole day and doesn't come off your lips easily that sometimes might have left marks on the glass surface and coffee mugs that leaves you feeling embarrassed even when its sticking on your teeth, coloring them, that looks funny. But you can avert these embarrassing moments and make them unforgettable by Lip Sense that makes you confident all day long. Let us first know the property that Lip Sense works upon for not coming off your lips the whole day? Well the simple mechanism based here is biological that is the lips exfoliate every 8 to 10 hours thereby being the Reason for Lip Sense not coming off easily as it remains only on the upper layer of the skin permanently.

Exfoliation of the upper layer of lips never harm's its skin that underlies the top layer and has nothing to do with Lip Sense. Another thing worth knowing is Lip Sense work's as a daily care moisturizer for lips where the Lip Sense Gloss is made of Shea butter that is herbal and healthier that penetrates into the pores of lips and prevents them from chapping. The moisturized exfoliation of skin thus take's longer time than usual, making the color of Lip Sense to remain for long lasting hours when not manually removed. This soothes the lips making them look glossy and full of nourishment. Lip Sense gives you the confidence making you a woman of today.

It can be easily wiped off your lips with glycerin soap or face wash and any other products that contain glycerin quite comfortably. This feature of Lip Sense has been influencing women for a long time and has become their favorite, even by those who had used it for once have now been permanently using the products from SeneGence. Being available in liquid form it is smudge proof, water proof, curative and remains for all day and is very easy to apply making you feel free and comfortable using it anywhere and everywhere.

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