Mystical Beads and Stones

Whenever you next think about beads, you just have to turn to this article. It is a great resource on beads and their powers. You go the small, hard to find shop. Once there, the proprietor asks you to write your name and address- not deliver anything to you, but to decide which stone beads are "right" for you.

Strings of specially chosen beads are created here in Okinawa by reinosha or shamans. These bracelets of elastic with the beads of aventurine, turquoise, topaz, rose quartz and many other minerals or materials are supposed to change your mood, or at least give you good luck. Each string of beads is said to possess a particular aura effective for the person the minerals were chosen for. There are Wooden Beads painted with Hiragana or Chinese characters to bring luck.

Hematite wards off depression. Rock crystal brings strength. Mother-of-pearl attracts money, and rose quartz can make you lucky in love. WIKIPEDIA SAYS- A pair of beads made from Nassarius shells that are approximately 100000 years old are thought to be the first known examples of jewelery.

Both stones and beads have long histories in the realm of magic and belief. From the Middle Ages onward knowledge of the healing or protective properties of stones was considered a crucial factor in alchemy medicine and the occult , three branches of knowledge which in those days were nearly one , together constituting the whole of current science. The following list is of beads materials and their associations. Amber: Light of the sun Agate: Protects against poison Rock crystal: Strength against odds Black onyx: Willpower Hematite: Anti-depression and blood strength Jade: Associated with immortality Fluorite: Meditation and enlightenment Coral: Bestows wisdom Amethyst: Intelligence enhancement Lapis lazuli: Relaxation Turquoise: Health Rose quartz: Attracts Love Goldstone: Attitude Based on the theory that stones, especially crystals vibrate at a certain frequency; a stone's energy can be used to balance the body's electromagnetic waves. Others believe that wearing certain stones can affect your chakras or energy centers. One legendary stone was known as the Black Prince's Ruby.

[Edward, Prince of Wales (1330-1376) was called the Black Prince because he wore black armor.] The ruby was so-called because it was a large red stone. Edward was sixteen when his heroism during the Battle of Crecy brought him praise; a later battle earned him the stone , already considered to be a powerful amulet.

Henry V wore it in his helmet at Agincourt; it was credited with saving his life when the helmet was split by a battleaxe. Richard III wore it at Bosworth. It is still the most celebrated stone among the British Crown Jewels. Beads also have a rich history of spirituality and ritual use that comes from prayer beads and the belief in healing powers of gemstones. For thousands of years, man has used beads to adorn himself and aid in spiritual and ritual rites. The root word for bead, bede means to pray, and the earliest use of prayer beads is traced to the Hindus.

Stringing beads together allowed the user to keep track of the number of prayers repeated. According to the History of Prayer Beads , by Marcia Jo Mycko , rosary beads were used prior to the 12th century for talismanic purposes (as a superstitious object to ward off illness or bring good luck). For example , coral was thought to purify the blood and prevent illness in children.

Once the church decided rosaries were better suited for counting devotions than for talismanic protection, persons of the cloth were forbidden from carrying "pagan" rosaries made from coral, quartz or amber. DID YOU KNOW?In the middle ages ,opal was considered a stone that could provide great luck because it was believed to possess all the virtues of each gemstone whose color was represented in the color spectrum of the opal. Whether or not you believe in the power of stones or beads, all jewelry has some magic. Perhaps you have inherited a ring which was actually considered to be a lucky piece, worn daily by a great-grandparent? Or a gemstone in an unusual setting? Or a small string of coral beads whose original meaning as a christening gift has been largely forgotten? So rather than travel to Okinawa for a special shaman's bracelet, maybe you should just dig through your jewelry box for some magic. RECOMMENDED READING:Healing Crystals and Gemstones: From Amethyst to Zircon by Flora Peschek-Bohmer , Gisela Schreiber and Sibylle Dausien ,Gemstones (Smithsonian Handbooks) by Cally Hall ,Gemstones of the World: Newly Revised & Expanded Third Edition by Walter Schumann.

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