Pearl Necklaces Which Style Suits You Best

Pearl necklaces were once associated with a certain, more mature age group, but not anymore. Pearls are a great, versatile accessory for women, as they look great with every type of outfit, from smart looking business wear to elegant evening wear. Because pearl necklaces come in a multitude of styles and colors, women of every age can find a string of pears that suits them well.

The look of pearls around a woman's neck conveys a cultured, classy look. It doesn't matter who it is that's gazing upon the pearls, the reaction is always the same. You may have thought that pearl necklaces are on the expensive side, but that's not necessarily true. The price of pearl necklaces is greatly influenced by the quality of the pearls that are used in the necklace.

The basic two classifications of pearls are freshwater and saltwater. Saltwater pearls, the more expensive of the two, can come in two varieties - cultured or natural. Despite the fact that freshwater pearls are not as expensive as saltwater pearls, they look very similar and are still eye-catching and beautiful.

In fact, there are many women who prefer necklaces made of freshwater pearls. Another thing that will affect the price of pearl necklaces is the lack of flaws and roundness of the particular pearls being used. Pearl necklaces come in many different styles. There are, however, five that represent the most common styles available. No one style is better than the rest, but certain styles are better for certain types of garments and situations.

The choker style pearl necklaces are between 14 and 16 inches in length. This is a great length because of the versatility is offers. It looks good when worn with both casual and formal wear. A princess style pearl necklace is a good choice for both revealingly low necklines and high conservative necklines.

This classification of pearl necklaces ranges in length from 17 to 19 inches. At 20 to 24 inches, a matinee necklace works well for both business and casual applications. The opera style pearl necklace is particularly versatile because at 28 to 34 inches in length, it can be worn as a single strand or doubled over and worn as a dual-stranded choker.

A rope style pearl necklace is an amazing 45 inches long or longer. Doubling or tripling this necklace will help you achieve a classy and elegant look, while wearing it as a single strand with a pant-suit is a terrific, style-conscious look. Indeed, a pearl necklace is something that every woman can benefit from wearing. For perhaps every occasion, there's a style of pearl necklace to match. Experiment with different lengths and styles to see which looks best on you. Maintaining the luster of your delicate gems: To maintain the striking sheen of your pearls, proper care should be taken.

If dirt builds up on them, they will definitely lose their shine. Use a soft, non-abrasive cloth to clean them after every wear. Rubbing your pearls with a rough material will only cause scratches on the surface of your precious gems. Similarly avoid using a brush. Wash you pearls with a gentle soap solution only. Summary: Pearl necklaces are now made available in styles and lengths that are sure to give women of every age a wonderfully classy look.

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