Searching for the Ultimate Antiaging Skincare Product

It may seem unbelievable but in my search for the secret to the best antiaging skincare product, I found my self traveling to many interesting and mysterious places. I visited the cool crisp mountains of the Swiss Alps, the hot, beautiful african jungles and the ancient, rich ungerground domains of some of the most secret Egyptian tombs. At the end of my search I was surprised with what I had learned and realised that I had learned far more than which antiaging skincare product to look for.

The Power of Tea I discovered many things but one thing that kept coming up all around the world was the claim that a high quality green tea product was one answer to my search for an antiaging skincare product. Tea is an ancient drink that has been used for centuries and many of us know and love tea in various forms. Green Tea is considered by many to be a health food because it has so many benefits one of which is the properties that help with detoxification.

Many claim that green tea helps with anti aging, helps protect against cancer, helps to prevent heart disease, gum disease, and even has been said to help with the weight loss battle as well. Back To Antiaging Skincare Product To get a little technical for a moment, we need to discuss what is in the tea that helps the antiaging process. Tea conatains polyphenols that do a significant amount of work. These polyphenols effectively fight against the signs of aging by keeping our bodies healthy inside. These are known as catechins.

There are many different catechins in tea and it is these catechins that perform the bulk of the effects. Why green tea? Green tea has almost twenty times the amount of catechins in it that black tea has. Green tea elevates the antioxidant effects of your skin, cells and even blood by allowing it to fight the devastating aging that is caused constantly by the effect of oxygen on the body cells. This means that the higher the level of polyphenols in a product that you have working for you, the greater the anti aging effect on your skin.

It may sound like an an unusual method in terms of your skin care routine, especially when we live in a world filled with expensive lotions and creams, but it is exciting to think that it is possible that, maybe, the best antiaging skin care product out there could be something you could just drink. Of course a really important point to remember is that while you are taking care of your skincare needs you will also be benefitting your body because the green tea will not only help your skin but all the cells of your body. It seems that it is becoming widely accepted that green teas actually do help us with our skin care and our search for having young looking skin.

Information Is The Best As I searched for information on I realised that the search became almost as important, if not more important than the search for the ultimate antiaging skincare product. In my search around this varied world, I became amazed with the quantity of information that is available about the skin already and I came to realize that we should be using that information to our advantage first and leave the search for the ulitmate skin cream until last. While we must always take care of the surface of our skin, we must remember that it is a living organ and if we can have an effect at the cellular level where the skin is formed then we will be much more effective in our fight against antiaging. It may turn out that our best weapon to fight the signs of aging could just turn turn out to be education.

Now that is a thought!.

Louise Nova has been involved in the skincare industry for over 20 years and endorses the best in antiaging skincare products.

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