Summer Ready Feet Only Steps Away With Bluebasins Bath and Bodys Perfect Pedicure Routine

bluebasins, Canada's newest premier line of bath and body products, is pleased to announce it's new foot care line, a great addition to their all-natural Canadian products Toronto, ON, Canada - June 2007 - As the temperature rises, the layers start peeling off not only on the body but also on the feet. No longer are the thermal socks, stockings or boots needed because it's finally time to wear our summer sandals or walk bare footed on the grass. But are your feet summer sandal ready? Were you taking care of them all winter long although they were mostly covered.

By the looks of it, quite a few of you were not. So with the official summer season already upon us, you can get your feet summer sandal ready quickly with the Perfect Pedicure Routine created by a new online all natural skin care product company, bluebasins bath and body. bluebasins bath and body has designed their foot care system to naturally have your feet feeling and looking great.

"We realize that a lot of people do not take great care of their feet either because they do not know how, have no time or no idea where to start, that's why we've created this simple system to start the user on a path to having great healthy feet," says Makeda Paul, owner, "besides, it's summer and you'll want to show them off with pride." bluebasins has created a simple five step foot care system with the products created from 100% natural essential oils and herbs that promote healthy skin and soft heals. The entire system, recommended once a week, is designed to have your feet looking and feeling great.

It includes products such as their Peppermint and Tea Tree Liquid Foot Soap, Revitalizing Herbal Foot Fizz, Warming Ginger Foot Mask, Tea Tree and Mint Exfoliating Foot Scrub, Peppermint and Tea Tree Foot Butter and Cooling Foot Powder. So even though your feet are abused throughout the day bluebasins bath and body products will help you take great care of them at home. The Perfect Pedicure Routine includes ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter, essential oils of Tea Tree, Peppermint, exfoliants and herbs such as Kaolin clay, Lavender buds and mint leaves. bluebasins bath and body products show consumers an alternative natural way to take care of your skin. # # # About Makeda Paul Makeda Paul is the owner of bluebasins bath and body creators of 100% natural, bath and body products. An Aromatherapist by trade, she creates her products using the best herbs, flowers, extracts, essential oils, exotic nut oils and butters.

She believes, as is one of the missions of her company that ingredients should be pronounceable. Because of this, her clients know exactly what each of the products contains and how their skin can benefit from them.

bluebasins bath and body P.O. Box 52554 Mississauga, On L5J 4S6

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