The Au Natural Way to Oily Free Skin

You have heard about all the various products meant for oily skin and have searched throughout different stores for the best ones, but now you are beginning to wonder; is there no easier way? There are so many different products out there to choose from, what about natural methods for taking care of oily skin? When you have oily skin, you have certain goals you would like to attain regarding your skin. First, it would be great to find products that allow you to help disguise the oil on your face so it does not look greasy. Second, you would like to find ways of getting your skin to look healthier, not so dull and unpleasant as it may look now.

Third and most importantly, you want to find ways of controlling the oil by slowing down its production. This final goal can help you attain your first two much easier. With controlled oil production you will be able to get your skin to look much healthier and less greasy without as much effort. However, you do not feel you should have to buy dozens of different products just to achieve these goals. It can become costly and frustrating, especially when you buy a product and realize it does not quite work out the way you had hoped. So what about natural remedies, some of which you may find you already have around your home? Different natural remedies can do different things to your skin.

Here are a few you may consider trying, but keep in mind that every different skin type has specific needs, so what may work for one person may not necessarily be meant for you. Witch hazel. This acts as an astringent, tightening your skin and pores and helping to dry skin.

This is a fairly common astringent. Oatmeal. Also an astringent, oatmeal can help soak up oil and firm the skin to help prevent oil in the future. Cold Water. Water has a few benefits. Washing away cleanser with just water removes the possibility of wiping your face with a potentially bacteria filled cloth.

Cold water can also act as an alcohol free astringent (and the best part is, it comes right out of your faucet!) and constrict your skin to help slow oil. Alum.One final astringent you may want to look into. Almond & Honey.

Mixing these two ingredients can make for an effective scrub. Using ground almonds (sometimes referred to almond meal) and combining them with honey, you can gently rub the mixture on your face with a hot washcloth. Avoid scrubbing as the honey and almonds will do their job without any extra vigorous scouring. Rinse the mixture thoroughly once you have hit all areas of your face.

Aloe Vera. Aloe can give your skin a cool, refreshing feeling as well as helping to soak up extra oil. Keep your aloe in the refrigerator to keep it nice and cold and apply after you cleanse your face and allow it to dry. Aloe and Oatmeal. This combination can be used as a scrub as well.

Putting these ingredients together can provide a strong oil fighting creation; putting together an oil absorbing ingredient with an ingredient with astringent properties and making a scrub? Just be careful this does not dry your skin out too much, or the consequence can be your face making more oil. Also, do not scrub vigorously; gently rub on and then wash it off after about 15 minutes. Papaya. Mashing papaya fruit can offer you yet another form of a scrub or cleanser. It can help in softening up skin and wiping away dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling refreshed. These are only a few of the home remedies you can find for your oily skin.

Be careful when searching for some remedies, as there are many out there and some simply do not work, leading you do waste ingredients that may have otherwise been of some use to you.

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