The Truth About Vitamin Supplements Helping to Cure Acne

Although it has been generally established that the food you eat does not have a direct connection with your developing acne, let us see whether vitamin supplements have any part to play in curing acne. Unfortunately, the picture is not very encouraging. So if you are an acne sufferer and thought that this was one more way in which you could treat your condition, you are likely to be disappointed. Vitamin supplements and acne are not such a good idea. Before you jump to conclusions, it would be better not to view the issue of acne in black and white, because there are shades of gray as well. How come, you might say? Well, here is how it works.

You are aware that acne is caused by a hormonal imbalance in the system. Your body has a built in mechanism for regulating hormones. This mechanism can only function effectively you are taking in all the essential nutrients, which, naturally, include vitamins as well. However, there is no magic solution so do not get the idea that if you have acne, popping a couple of pills will do the trick.

If only it were so simple but it is not. For any vitamin to have a beneficial effect on your acne, it will have to be part of a much larger picture. Vitamin B5 is a deadly choice for acne. There is a popular notion that supplements of Vitamin B5 are effective in curing acne. But do not make the mistake of falling for it, or you are likely to regret it for a long time. The fact is that it has been proven that Vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid, taken in high doses, can be extremely damaging to your health.

Vitamin B5 does not have any effect in improving the condition of an acne outbreak. Worse still, you could find yourself saddled with unpleasant side effects, such as nausea, chronic fatigue and loss of energy. Do you really think it is worth sacrificing your health for the sake of beating an acne problem? You may argue that even if there is an excess of Vitamin B5, ultimately it will pass out of your system. That is perfectly true but while it is there, it's wreaking havoc.

Do you think you would like to risk so much for acne? Paying the price for treating acne. B Vitamins are supposed to work together in the correct proportions to maintain the health of your system. If this does not happen, they will not have the effect they are supposed to. So if you take in an excess of Vitamin B5 in the belief that it will cure your acne, all you will have is a new problem on your hands as your body struggles to cope. In the meantime, the excess Vitamin B5 proceeds to deplete the reserves of other B vitamins in your system such as Vitamins B3, B6 and B12, all of which have their own functions to perform. So do not make this mistake on any account or you will live to regret it.

Safer treatment option for acne. You will be happy to know that the story does not quite end here. Because there is a much safer alternative to Vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid. You could try taking pantethine instead. This is also Vitamin B5, but a form of the vitamin that is much more easily absorbed into the body. Even if this seems to be the answer to your acne problem, remember that you should not take more than 1 to 11/2 grams per day.

Even if you are convinced that your acne problem has come about as a result of a deficiency of Vitamin B5, the small dose mentioned above will be more than enough to set you right. This is no time to be adventurous and try to take your acne problem on by yourself. If nothing else, do check with a doctor that what you are doing is okay.

You can hardly afford to turn yourself into a guinea pig, least of all for the sake of your acne!! There are safer ways to go about it, so take care!!.

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