Tips To Help You Avoid Getting Wrinkles In The First Place

Ok you men out there. It's time to have a talk. No, I'm not going to go over the birds and the bees with you, hopefully you've figured that out for yourself. We are going to have a talk about retaining our youthful good looks.

Now stop groaning and listen to me. Last night, when your wife was going on and on about Hollywood's hunk du jour, you probably did what most men do and just smirk and say that real men don't look like that. Then you turned up the television so the sound of the football game would drown out her voice.

So how should they look? Graying or balding with beer bellies and a can of brew permanently attached to their hands? Come on, you know you secretly want to know how those movie stars manage to look half their age and why shouldn't you? You're entitled to look that good too. Let's start with the basics. Exfoliation does not refer to the plants in your yard. It's a process that removes the dead skin, so that the new younger skin can come through. I'm not asking you to put on your wife's oatmeal mask, although that's not such a bad idea.

Believe it or not, there is a whole line of products that were designed for men to keep age from showing on the face. They have nice manly scents so that it won't offend you to try them. You just might feel even more manly and your wife may take her eyes off her Hollywood magazine and look at you for a change. Now let's talk about antioxidants. Antioxidants battle the free radicals that are swimming through your blood stream and making you feel tired and old.

They're toxins and they have to go. Luckily, you don't have to do anything arduous to get rid of them, just start taking vitamin C everyday to combat them for you. You might be surprised to learn that coffee is also full of antioxidants and is actually the leading supplier of the plant based nutrient for most people.

Does that make you feel better? Well, just keep in mind that it's also a diuretic, which can cause dehydration so limit yourself to two or three cups a day. Speaking of dehydration, the next time you're thirsty, it's for water not beer. Perhaps if you drank water, your thirst would diminish and you wouldn't be so inclined to down a six pack of brew.

Alcohol will also dehydrate you and that's not a good thing, so try drinking 8 glasses of water everyday. Maybe you'll get lucky and one day someone will figure out how to make water taste like beer. I bet that would make you drink more of it.

Maybe I'll try to figure out how to do that myself. I'd make a mint.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about this as well as anti wrinkle cream at

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