Topless Sandals Stick To Your Feet Like Magic

I love wearing sandals, but last spring I purchased a pair of "Topless Sandals." They are like Flip-flops, but just no toe thong, sandals but without the straps! What's the secret? They STICK to your feet! I was amazed at how comfortable they were. I was a little skeptical at first, but will never go back again to straps and thongs.

When I wear them in public, I always have several people come up to me and ask how they stay on, and I can't tell you how many people look straight at my feet, but do not have the courage to ask. I just love all the attention! I purchased these as a gift for a friend that had an injury to the top of his foot that prevented him from wearing shoes due to extreme pain. He said that it was the most useful gift he received as he was able to go places without being barefoot. A one year replacement guarantee on the adhesive is offered from the manufacturer, but mine are still working well. The various colors and designs offered will appeal to almost everyone. I personally picked a dark color that would go with anything, but when I'm wearing them, my foot completely covers the pattern, so I guess it doesn't matter.

You can wear the sandals several times before you need to reactivate the adhesive. To do so, it is pretty simple, just use a scrub brush and wash them with Ivory dish detergent and rinse well allowing them to air dry. When I need my sandals in a hurry, I just use a blow dryer. I saved the protective coverings when I purchased them because they come in handy when traveling since the shoes can stick to things.

I was careful with my Topless Sandals to keep my foot centered well on the sole. I have found that the longer you wear the sandals the more comfortable they get, because they start to form to the unique shape of your foot. A couple of things I have discovered about the sandals are that your feet must be clean and dry and so should the sandals. To get a good stick, you can try rubbing your feet with alcohol.

Also, you should not stick the sandals face to face, for it might rip the adhesive from both sandals. If you have a pool, try dipping the sandals in the pool water, the chlorine causes the adhesive to stick even better once the shoe has dried in the sun. If you love going barefoot, but prefer to protect your feet, try these cool Topless Sandals. I got my Topless Sandals from Mycoolfeet.

com has the best prices available including shipping cost. I bought a pair for my whole family and we all enjoy them. Check out these cool sticky shoes and "go topless!".

Topless Sandals are cool! Go to to order yours!

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