What Nail Treatments are available in Salons

There are many hair salons now offering not only hair extensions, colouring of hair, hair straightening, your normal cut and blow dry but also nail extensions, acrylic nails, manicures and pedicures and painting of nails. There also salons popping up which only give nail treatments there usually called nail salons. If you like having luxurious nails, you more than likely been to a nail salon or you may have regular manicures at your local hairdressers. Wherever you may be there's a hairdresser or nail salon in your area. If you bite your nails and feel whatever nail polish you put on your nails they still look horrible you may want to try acrylic nails or nail extensions. Acrylic overlays with tips are an extension tip which is added to your natural nails.

This is to give extra length of your nails once they've been put on a layer of acrylic is applied to strengthen the nail and tip. Once the acrylic is dry a normal nail polish can be applied. You can have an acrylic overlay on your natural nails, this helps to strengthen your nails and keep your natural nails long. You can have glitter acrylic tips if you want something different and a pink or clear acrylic is applied to fill in the back of the nail. If you have tips applied you should have a backfill every two weeks as your nails will grow within this time and so new acrylic is applied and blended into the re-growth. Manicures and Pedicures are popular nail treatments in salons as a lot of people find them relaxing but also make them feel good.

But it's not only simple manicures and pedicures being offered in a lot of salons but also treatments including: spa level manicures and pedicures, silk and or cotton nail wraps, natural nail care and the use of organic and botanical products for pedicures. You may only want a manicure but there are also different types of those including just a File and Polish, a Luxury Manicure or a Deluxe Manicure. It all depends on what you want and what kind of budget you have. If you have lovely nails but you're never satisfied or happy when you apply nail polish, maybe you can't do your right hand if you're left-handed or the other way round, maybe you don't have a still hand and just can't apply the polish or maybe you just can't be bothered. If this sounds like you a salon maybe a good place to visit. You can go to a salon choose the nail polish of you choice and have it applied for you they may even buff and polish your nails too so they look super.

If you like something different then having a nail painting may be right for you. Nail painting is where a nail polish can be applied as a base colour but then you can have a drawing of something you like maybe hearts scattered on each nail, a sunset painting, and flowers on the tips of your nails the list is endless. The painting is either done by the nail technician free hand drawing on your nails or water based decals and or gems being stuck to your nails. The new idea is airbrushing designs onto your nails; this gives a fantastic look and is stunning. Whatever you may want, ask your nearest salon for what nail treatments they offer, and enjoy putting some fun into your nails.

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