Work and Play With Magical Silk Scarves

Silk scarves are the must have fashion accessory through 2006 and 2007. Because of how smooth and shimmery it can be, silk is a great year-round fashion accessory. Find several for your wardrobe. What makes these scarves so good is how versatile they are. With just a few scarfs on hand, you can dress up and dress down an outfit so easily.

In fact, with even just one of these womens accessories, you can make your wardrobe stand out. But a scarf is not just meant to give you variety to make your wardrobe stand out. It's meant to frame your best feature - your face.

It's meant to make your face stand out. Consider this typical day for a busy business woman and see how just one of these business like pieces of clothing can make the difference: It's 9:00 am and you arrive at work. The wind could have messed up your hair except you wore your silk scarf in a folded triangle as a head wrap, keeping your hair in place. As you get to work, you take it off and shake out the triangle then tie it around your neck so it dangles down the front, like a feminine version of a tie. You look formal enough to talk to clients and coworkers.

At 10:30 am you learn that you have to make a presentation to a board of executives. You untie your scarf and tie it under your collar, giving you an even more formal look during the presentation. The presentation goes well. At 1:00 pm you return to work from lunch and it's warmed up a little outside and your hair is getting in the way as you buckle down to get some work done before you leave for the weekend.

You fold this versatile fashion item into a strip and tie it from behind over the top of your head to keep your bangs out of your eyes while you do your work. At 5:00 pm your coworkers invite you out for a drink. You take the same folded scarf and tie it around your neck, like a band. It looks good and nicely balances the professional/casual look.

After drinks, you wrap it around your head in a head wrap again to go home. At 8:00 pm your date picks you up for an evening of dinner and dancing: You're wearing jeans that feel great and you've tied your versatile clothes accessory around your neck like a bandana that hangs down and off to the side. Silk scarves are so versatile that they should be a staple fashion accessory in your wardrobe.

Find a few that look great against your skin and with colors that brings out the color in your eyes. You'll be glad you did!.

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