Your Acne Problem Through the Eyes of A Dermatologist

If you have broken out with a bad case of acne for the first time, you are going to need help in a hurry. Do keep your wits about you and seek help from a dermatologist. Since the acne problem is a new one for you, you will not be very well equipped to deal with it yourself.

It is also not a very good idea to consult your friends at a time like this. Remember that friends may have the best of intentions, but they could always make mistakes. What you need is an expert to show you the way to beat your acne.

Help at hand for your acne. Remember that your interaction with your dermatologist must be a two way street. If you are visiting him for the first time, because you are a new patient, he will have a load of questions for you concerning the nature of your acne problem, your lifestyle, your general health, habits etc.

The more you can tell him about yourself, the better he will get to know you. Naturally, this will help him to deal with your acne more effectively. As a new patient, you will probably have to endure the formalities of registration, all of which could be quite trying when you are preoccupied with your acne problem.

But do try to grit your teeth and bear it, your patience will pay off as you settle down to give the dermatologist your tale of woe about your acne. Unburden yourself, you do not have to face acne alone. Do not forget that just as he has probably bombarded you with questions, you will also have a number of queries for him. Apart from that, you will also have an opportunity to sit across a table from someone who is an expert on acne and clarify all your doubts and fears on the subject. You may well find that much of what you accepted as fact is in fact the stuff of myths and misconceptions about acne. Acne and your road to recovery.

In case you have been doing anything that could have aggravated your acne problem, here is your chance to spill the beans and get his opinion as a specialist. Once he has outlined a course of treatment for your acne, do remember that you should feel free to ask for clarifications if you need them. You should be particularly clear about medication that he may be prescribing for your acne and question him about side effects etc. That will give him an idea of your level of awareness about acne and its implications. Meeting your dermatologist for the first time, you will probably be a little worried about his diagnosis of your acne problem. Whatever you may feel about your acne, do remember to follow his suggestions to the letter, because he is giving you the benefit of his experience.

You are just one of a long list of patients, no matter how unique your acne problem may seem to you. Get set to face your acne. Once you have got a good line of communication going, try to establish a schedule of periodic visits, for which of course you will probably have to take appointments etc. The important thing is that although you were at sea when you walked into the dermatologists clinic, you will be able to walk out with the confidence that you have put your acne problem in the hands of an expert, whose business it is to lead the way.

End your acne nightmare. From here on, you will be able to confide all your doubts and fears and be in regular touch with your dermatologist. You need no longer face your acne problem on your own, no matter how bad it is. He has seen it all before through all his years of experience, so you can have full faith in the advice he gives you.

You should be really happy, no matter how distressed you may be about the acne problem. At long last, you have been able to get proper guidance, far better than floundering in a sea of misinformation, for which you would probably have paid very dearly at some point. So buck up, it is not so bad, after all!!.

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